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e-commerce website designed on WordPress

e-commerce website designed on WordPress

Ecommerce has gained fast traction in the last decade, with continued technological upgrades. Customers are familiar with WordPress e-commerce portals because they make up 45.5% of all commerce platforms. Lately, site developers emphasize on WordPress for ecommerce because it is a powerhouse and a leading eCommerce tool. It offers different ways for one to build an online store in varied markets and for many types of products.

What is the best time to use WordPress for eCommerce?

  • A large WordPress site with plenty of content that needs an equally large commerce store
  • A small store with up to 20 products
  • A need for a more automated store with the highest priority on security matters
  • A need to include extensive content under each service and product

Why is WordPress a reigning leader for commerce sites?


Buyers are familiar with the buying and selling system of the platform. People who prefer this system enjoy the custom design and specific security while processing payments. The site owner ensures each gateway is a reliable shopping cart system.

Diverse payment gateways

An e-commerce website designed on WordPress has several pre-installed payment gateways. You can use a manual payment for cash orders or the automatic one that links to online payment options. We can protect your business and clients’ details with fortified options like the SSL. The built-in calculators are accurate in translating to the latest exchange rates for all items in the cart, hence ensuring everyone gets their money’s worth.

Attractive aesthetics

The look of a site tells a lot about the quality of the brand. Much of the time spent on improving the appearance will matter more than the functions that will enhance operations. The customer will judge the dependability of the site according to the outlook of the cart system.

You have an advantage working with Created By Chicks because we have a full-fledged graphic design kit to influence the customer’s purchase decision positively. The ease of customization allows for superior marketing because we can add logos, images, art, and navigation that represents your brand.

Easy plugin installation

It takes about five minutes to download the WordPress e-commerce system. The installation is highly unlikely to have errors and conflicts. Our creators continually improve the system so we can download updates and upgrade the back-end code without glitches. It is essential that you know a plugin that is easy to install is not of poor quality. All our plugins have the right functions for complete transactions in all business deals.


An e-commerce website designed on WordPress should not have a hindering price. The good news is that e-commerce range between a free option and thousands of dollars. Price does not matter when your designer can adjust certain aspects without additional fees. Examples for the affordable points of entry for WordPress include a domain that could cost you approximately $10, a $30 hosting web service, and a free theme and plugin for the commerce system. We have a wealthy choice of characteristics that diversify the payments.

Few agencies will offer the same protection, power, and personalization available through Created By Chicks. You do not have an excuse not to give your clients a stress-free shopping experience when you can simply connect with us or request a quote to start studying your options.


e-commerce website designed on WordPress

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